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tree fight fighting finery first emperor of china fishing fishnets five five phoenix pavilion. flame flames flight flower flower seller flowers flute flying foam focus focusing foot fort framed by branch fruit gallery game gandan sumtseling monastery ganden sumtseling monastery ganga ganges garbage garden gathering pollen ghana giant prawn girl glacier glare gloria goat gold gold leaf golden golden sand river golden sand rivergold leaf golden sands river gown granite rocks grass gray green grooming group cuddle. hippos gupta empire gyalthang hall halo handcarved handicraft handicrafts hanuman happy hat heading home height 95 cm to 100 helmet herd heritage site heron hills himantopus hindu hinduism hippo hippopotamus hippos holding home homestead horizontal horns horse horseman horsemen horses hot houseboat cruising hummingbird hunt hyena icon idyll idyllic img impression lijiang impression of snow mountain impression of the ancient city india india 2010 india fort india. anup talao pond indian indian subcontinent infant infection ink interior of the diwanikhas hall private audience at fatehpur sikri uttar pradesh interior of traditional tibetan home iphoto iphoto edited iphoto original iron pillar jacket jade jade dragon jade dragon snow mountain jade snow mountain jade spring park jagged jain temple jain temple complex jaipur jama masjid jawai jhumpi jinsha river jodha bai's palace juvenile kale kampala karauli karoli palace kazinga kazinga channel kenya keoladeo ghana national park kerala kettle khajuraho kitchen kneeling kumbhalgarh fort lake landing landscape langur lantern lashes lattice lavatera lazy leaf leaves leopard's bane lights lijang lijiang lijiang city lijiang junmin prefecture lily linlithgow lion lioness lions live load lobster trap float local landmark location art lotus temple lounge mahout majong male mallow mammal man mansa mara marble marigold marigolds maritimes market market stall masai mauritius mausoleum mauve men ming dynasty mist 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12th perwa pheonix photographer photography physostegia virginians variegata piercing pigeons pink pinyin. hēilóngtán pit place of interest place of worship plant plunge pocket pockets polly pond pool port elizabeth pounce prayer flags prayer room prayer wheel prayer wheels prey priest primary tributary of the upper yangtze river prince edward island protected species purple pursuit qin shi huang qing dynasty queen elizabeth national park qutbuddin aybak qutub minar qutub minar complex quwwatulislam mosque raiding crops stores of merchants rain rainy raise raised rajasthan ramathra ramparts ranthambhore national park ranthambore raw rchitectural reception desk red red sandstone red tassels redwattled lapwing vanellus indicus reflecting reflection reflections relaxed religion religious residence restaurant river road road sign roadside roams at will rocks roof ropes rose royal bengal tiger royal bengal tiger chasing a spotted deer rugs ruins running running royal bengal tiger sack sacred in hinduism sale salute sambar deer sambar rusa unicolor sand sari satchel school screen sculpture seafood season seaweed seller selling semnopithecus entellus serengeti serious sermon shaanxi shadow shadows shangrila shawl shelves shirt shoot shore shower shrub shrubs shy side sign sikri silhouette silk singers singing sitting six tons sky sky. blue skyblue sleeping slight smile smiling smoke snake snake charmer snow snow mountain songs south south africa south india spiritual spirituality spotted deer spray squinting st martins st. john's stairs staring steps stilt stock stone store signs storm clouds storm clouds approach stove straw stream street street scene stripes structure succulent sumzanling monastery sun sun rays sun sky sunlight sunny sunrise sunset sunshine surf symbol symbols syncerus caffer tabby tallest minaret tanzania tassel tassels taxi tea tea coloured tea plantation tea stall teeth temple temples terraced farms terracotta warrior terracotta warriors thar the great wall of india thekkady thumb tibet tibetan tin can peddler toddler topi totem pole tour guide tour operator office tourism tourist tourists toy toys tractor traditional customs hall traditional home trailer tranquil tranquility tranquillity travel destinations tree treeclimbing trees tripod troops number over 100 trot trotting truck trumpet trumpeting trunk trunks turban turbans uganda uganda. ugandan kob umbrella unesco unesco heritage site unesco world heritage site urban scene uttar pradesh uttara vancouver island varanasi vase vegetables vehicle vendor vertical vervet victoria video video camera videocamera view from view of fisherman's cove village villager villagers villages and temples of india nepal wades wading walk walking wall wall hanging washing dishes water water lily wave waves waving weather wedding weeds west vancouver wet white white breasted cormorant phalacrocorax lucidus white marble bridge wild wild marigolds wine wings wingspan woman womb women wood wood panel wool woolen worker workers wounded woven baskets xi'an yangste river yarn yellow yi yu quan gong yuan yunnan yunnan in southwestern china yunnan jade dragon yunnan province zebra zhang yimou 黑龍潭 黑龙潭